Stuart White
President & CEO,
"Celebrating Twenty Years"
When Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were preparing to lead the Corps of Discovery on their historic journey across the Northwest Passage, they went to great lengths to have the most advanced compass of their day created to guide them.

That invaluable device, which still exists and is on display at the Smithsonian Institution, helped Lewis and Clark - and their crucial team of explorers - navigate through difficult places, keep them on the right path, lead them to their destination and  bring them back home.

While RealTracs does not use an actual compass to lead us and keep us moving in the right direction, our vision and mission have served us well for that purpose. It is our “True North”. Simply stated, our vision is to be the premier provider of innovative, practical, technology-driven business systems and quality support services for the real estate community.

By knowing our “True North”, we have been able to navigate through 20 years filled with opportunities and challenges. Having our vision and mission in mind at all times has enabled the right decisions to be made and the right results achieved.
It means we have always understood who our “customers” are, ever since we started in business on January 1, 1996. It means we have remained focused on innovation and technology as the tools needed most to help us provide premier service to the real estate community we serve.
Knowing our “True North” also means that when new ideas, technologies or challenges arise in the future, we will address them using that same “compass.”
The celebration of our first 20 years is an exciting moment. Much has been discovered, navigated, overcome and enhanced. This website  will help us remember those accomplishments.
However, the celebration is not to signify that we have arrived at our destination. Rather, it is to celebrate how far we have come and to assure those we serve now and in the future that they can depend on RealTracs remaining focused on our “True North”.
Join me in appreciating our past accomplishments and in looking forward to an exciting future!
Stuart White, President and CEO